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How Hard Can Love Be? I just finished this on the tram to uni and it was wonderful Holly has done it again I m just mad that it wasn t longer haha I want of Amber and Kyle More people need to read Holly s books Such amazing ya contemporaries My third Holly Bourne novel in two ish weeks and I still love her I do Her writing style is brilliant It s incredibly accessible and she writes the most fantastic female lead characters But I m beginning to see a formula to the writing style, too many patterns are emerging for my liking.So this is the second book in The Spinster Club series following on from Am I Normal Yet That book focused on Evie as the leading character whereas in this one one of Evie s best friends Amber takes the spotlight and we follow her antics over the course of the summer Amber s home life is far from perfect She feels out of place in her father s house as she doesn t get on well with either her stepmother or stepbrother She feels isolated and lacking in emotional support The book opens with Amber boarding a plane to take her to America for the summer to see her mother who she has not seen in two years including not being invited to her mum s wedding But instead of this just being a family holiday Amber has to work for the summer as a guide in her stepdad s children s summer camp So about Amber as a leading character in this book versus her supporting role in book one I gotta Epub How Hard Can Love Be Holly Bourne Anguillais.us All Amber Wants Is A Little Bit Of Love Her Mum Has Never Been The Caring Type, Even Before She Moved To California, Got Remarried And Had A Personality Transplant But Amber S Hoping That Spending The Summer With Her Can Change All That.And Then There S Prom King Kyle, The Guy All The Girls Want Can He Really Be Interested In Anti Cheerleader Amber Even With Best Friends Evie And Lottie S Advice, There S No Escaping The Fact Love Is Hard. 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Holly Bourne writes incredibly realistic, cute, funny and educating YA, all at the same time Highly recommend her books to anyone Is there anything better than feminist YA I don t think so I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher This in no way impacted on my view.After reading Am I Normal Yet , I was so happy to have a copy of book 2 to read asap Unfortunately life and exams got in my way, and I couldn t read as much as I wanted to It was a nice way to reward myself once I got some of my exam results back 2 1 s Get in and I m simply in awe of Bourne s books.In How Hard Can Love Be , we follow Amber s story this time, as she jets off to California to spend the summer with her mam, whom she hasn t seen in over two years All she wants is to reconnect with her mam, and get some sort of an apology for being abandoned to live with her dad, and evil step mother and brother Instead, her mam has organised for her to spend her summer as a camp counselor in the camp she and her new partner own, and basically spends as much time as she can apart As Amber struggles to come to terms with her mam avoiding her, she gets close to fellow counselor, Kyle, who embodies all the old American cliches, and he was Prom King to boot Amber never th Ooh this was so lovely It was adorable, funny, heartwarming breaking, had a wonderful cast of character and delved into topics not always discussed in YA AND it was set in a US summer camp What could you want I absolutely love the way Holly Bourne writes Her writing style is so easy and comfortable to read I always find myself flying through her books and How Hard Can Love Be was no exception to that I loved all of the characters I kinda hate myself for essentially going against everything the spinster club stands for he was utterly adorable and perfectly imperfect, which was so annoying, that it wasn t even annoying this sentence makes sense to me, okay I adored Amber s character, she was feisty, vulnerable, insecure and confident all at the same time She was a well rounded, imperfect human being and although she was a little irritating at times, I almost liked her even for it The topics discussed alcoholism, family break ups, first love etc were really great to read about and I thought Holly approached them in a very accessible way I loved the relationships portrayed, not just between Kyle and Amber but also Amber s friendships both old and new although 3.5 starsLike the first book in this series, this installment wasn t exactly what I d expected Again, I wanted British humor and dating disasters What I got is was a cute romance with a sensitive Prom King, a road trip across America, and a heartbreaking relationship bet Trigger warnings alcohol abuse, alcoholic parent, shitty parenting, vomit.9 2 2019Boy howdy, Amber is an angry character I mean, a lot of her anger is very justified But it s not the easiest reading experience, being inside her head for almost 500 pages That said, the feminism and the female friendships that flow through the story are fantastic 27 12 2016I didn t love this quiiiiiiiiiiiiiite as much as I loved Am I Normal Yet I found Amber difficult to relate to she s so full of anger and despite being great at using her wo I ve been in a slump since last week basically, and I decided to start my only owned contemporary book as an attempt to get out of this slump I think it worked However, the book was just what I needed at the time Like book 1 Am I Normal Yet , How Hard Can Love Be had the good balance between cute and serious This is Amber s book, and when I read Am I Normal Yet , I was wondering what her story would be about because we were barely given any clue about Amber s life, except how shaky her family is, so I was curious to delve deeper into that and that s exactly what I got It dealt with pretty deep subjects alcoholism and abandonment Also, just like in Am I Normal Yet , the book discussed feminism, but in my opinion, it was discussed in Am I Normal Yet and I honestly love Holly Bourne s take on feminismFailure is never getting hurt Because that means you ve not done anything you cared about I actually really liked the book, although at times it really dragged it s almost 500 pages for a contemporary, that s too much for me Amber was fairly good MC, yet she felt younger than she really is She s 17 years old but at times I felt she acted like a 14 or 15 year old I was sometimes able to connect and relate to their thoughts and 1 Am I Normal Yet 2 How Hard Can Love Be 3 What s A Girl Gotta Do And A Happy New Year.5 WELL THAT WAS ADORABLE.

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