7 Advantages of Video vs the Written Word

Video is becoming more popular as a marketing tool.

It only seems set to become more important as the technology we use continues to evolve.

Video’s advantages versus written word are numerous; this article identifies 7 of them.

Does this mean that you don’t need to worry about the words on your website? Well, no to be honest. Words are still important, but you need to be more aware than ever of walking the fine line between too little content (leaving your visitors with too many questions) and too much (leaving your visitors bored and uninspired and quickly looking elsewhere).

Text is important for highlighting your key points, and for those who don’t like video or who, for one reason or another, would not be able to view your video. And let’s not forget the all important SEO!

So, nobody is saying that you shouldn’t use words – although you do need to make sure you are using them effectively. But that doesn’t diminish the growing importance of video, especially if you are a business where you are the product.

There are certain things that video enables that the written word simply doesn’t:

    Video can be a much quicker way of engaging your visitor and getting their attention. You can quickly and succinctly get across not just information about your product or service, but also your passion and enthusiasm for it
    Video can be used to show people what you want them to know, which is infinitely more powerful than simply telling them
    A good video can make you stand out from your competitors and give you the edge that makes you both more memorable and more attractive (as a business) to clients
    If you are a service based business, then giving people the chance to see and hear you before purchasing enables them to begin the process of establishing trust and rapport with you. Would you rather work with someone you have read about; or someone you have seen and heard and feel that you know a little bit? Of course this also works the other way and helps weed out people who might be best suited to not working with you!
    If you are selling a product then a short video showing that product, perhaps how it works or a simple review, instantly makes the product more real and believable and adds to the reputation of the product
    You can use video to inject personality into your site and your marketing. You can engage people with more of their senses
    Perhaps most importantly, video is far more likely to be shared via social media, increasing your audience as well as your engagement

Your video doesn’t need to be expensive. Most people have access to some form of video recorder these days whether it is a flip cam, webcam or smart phone. Of course, the more professional your video looks the better, especially if you are selling a high end service or product.

Video’s advantages versus written word amount to more than 7 – which ones would you add? (Comment below).

Take a look at the websites you visit, do they use video?

If they do, do they use it in a way that engages you?

Do you find yourself drawn to the video or the text?

Did you prefer reading these words or watching the video?

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