Business Showcases

Keeping visitors on your website is essential. But without something to grab and hold their attention, they’ll click away.
Time to add a Business Showcase.

Business Showcases combine many elements to create a living portfolio of your business:

  • inspired motion graphics
  • attention-grabbing content
  • choreographed words and images
  • exhilarating backing track

Business Showcases provide a top-quality grandstand for what you do.

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Here’s another example that Bristol Blue Glass showed at Bristol’s M-Shed and on the front page of their website.

It shows how their skill in making wine glasses and also conveys their hard-working ethos & spirit, not to mention the hot working environment.

Eye-catching. Engaging. Informative.

Prices start at £450.

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Listen to Jenny Williams, Director of The Detective Project, talking about her experience using Video Elemental.