Elevator Pitches

Do your website visitors understand your service within 30 seconds of landing?
Or do they have to search to find a short description of your business?
An Elevator Pitch is designed to:

  • explain your business quickly
  • provide precise information
  • allow the visitor to ‘meet’ you for the first time
  • offer an immediate ‘Call to Action’

An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea, product, service, project or person and is designed to just get a conversation started.

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Aperfect use for an elevator pitch is on your LinkedIn® profile. Connect your written profile/photo to your career history and use it as an opportunity for potential collaborators or employers to see who you are.

Here’s Nick Elston, Sales Director at Signable, with his LinkedIn® profile.

Precise. Specific. Informative.

Prices start at £175.

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Watch Kirsty Gray, of Family Wise Ltd., describe her experience of recording her own Elevator Pitch.