Video Testimonials

Many business websites contain written testimonials from clients. But who’s to know they’re not made up?
Video testimonials are far more credible than just text and images.

Instead of reading words, viewers see and hear:

  • smiling faces displaying their emotions
  • tone of voice conveying their pleasure
  • expressions showing their real feelings
  • eyes revealing their delight

Video Testimonials show what your clients truly think of your business.

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This is James Cook explaining how his company has benefitted from Signable, the electronic signature service.

Do you have satisfied clients that are willing to spend a few minutes talking about your business?
They’ll also get free publicity by being a part of your marketing.

Credible. Trustworthy. Meaningful.

Prices start at £375 per interview.

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Here’s another example that one of our clients kindly recorded for the work we did for him.